Please do not seek a lymphatic drainage massage if you have one of the following:
a. Malignant disease - whether undiagnosed, reoccurring or present.
b. Acute inflammation with infection i.e. - viral, bacterial, open wounds, acute bronchitis
c. Acute Venous disease - i.e. thrombosis, embolism
d. Cardiac edema - heart valve insufficiency
Please discuss this service with us if you have:
a. Edemas - are medical disorders - refer for assessment, maybe ok.
b. Thyroid problems - don’t work the front of neck.
c. Low BP - do a slower, shorter treatment
d. chronic inflammation - check that it is not sub-acute
e. Pregnancy - check with physician. Can be great for legs and stretchmarks
f. Menstruation - first day or two - can cause a ‘flooding’ effect.
g. Gynaecological infections, uterus - retroverse or prolapsed, fibroma cysts; avoid deep abdominal work.
h. Major kidney problems, major renal insufficiency, hemodialysis; check with physician first.
i. Nevis, moles etc, check not changing.
j. Removed spleen - try short sessions first
k. Thrombosis, treated - check with physician first.
l. Diabetes - not over pancreas.
m. Crohns- light over abdomen, and good technique
n. Treated cancer - get doctors permission in writing
o. Bronchial asthma - not acute stage - short treatment - avoid sternum
p. TB - encapsulated - avoid affected area.
q. Lupus - get medical certification.
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