The Grace of Life Day retreat center aims to be a place where you can remember your own comfort and become a step toward awakening to further self-inquiry, and a place where you can fulfill your dreams.

Through this experience, you will be given throughout this experience your mind, body and soul will be given space and time to reconnect and recharge. You will feel light reach down to those deep areas that are difficult to feel in everyday life. For those who wish to have a session, we recommend that you take a day off from work or daily life so that you can completely immerse yourself in the experience.

Flow from reservation to the day

・ Please check Cancellation Policy / Notes in advance.

・ Once the reservation is complete, a message will be sent by Email, so please check to ensure you have received it.

・ Before the session starts, we recommend that you take a walk in Burleigh Heads National Park, which is within walking distance from the center. Being in nature will assist in moving your body towards a more natural state. After the session, feel the vibrations in the park with your whole body, and fill the space that expands your mind and body with the energetic air, scent, and music woven by nature. Before and after the session, we hope that you will notice the "differences" in your mind and body.

・ In the center, we share Wild Oasis Water, which Megumi loves to drink. Please bring a water bottle to enjoy the blessings of nature that permeate through the whole body.

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