You have five main elimination channels in your body - the skin, lungs, kidneys, bowels and lymphatic system - and there are a number of specific techniques used by natural medicine to stimulate them.
No eliminative system is less recognised or more important in maintaining a high-level of well-being than your lymphatic system. Yet the state of its health and functioning is often ignored by many massage therapists and physicians, not to mention the everyday person.

The lymphatic system is not only a major route for the absorption of nutrients from digestion into the tissues but is also your body’s metabolic waste-disposal system. It clears away toxins by carrying unwanted proteins and large particles of waste matter which cannot be removed by any other means from your cells and tissues. These are by-products of metabolic wastes, stress, dead cells, fatty globules, pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals, infectious viruses and other assorted debris which your cells cast off. Your body’s ability to detoxify itself is magnificent - provided you give it half a chance. Living in this highly industrialised world, most of us have the tendency to eat the wrong thing, eat too much and too often, PLUS with a sedentary lifestyle, your body’s natural elimination channels can’t keep up with the task. That is when you need extra help.
Beautiful skin, a firm and healthy body and clear mind are strongly dependent on your system being able to efficiently and effectively rid your body of toxic materials and waste products before they have the chance to damage cells, tissues, organs and systems.

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