Grace of Life is sharing the Seed of Love which I found in my life. The company name, Grace of Life, originally came from the idea of sharing my entire life experiences: Life of Grace (Megumi means Grace in Japanese). Grace of Life is about sharing the Seed of Love I have found in my life. The logo of Grace of Life expresses the Seed of Love, the very beginning of life. It symbolises the sprouting of life from the energy of love within, provoking others to wake up in the truest sense and let them bloom as well. May this chain of awakening take hand in hand across the world and grow into an ever-evolving Flower of Life. The Seed of Love I found is like a piece of light within myself, which guided me to the awakening of my true self. How I see this light is a form of energy, that brightens when we are being our most pure self. As we act as our pure self, this energy grows infinitely, affecting others and eventually touching the whole universe with its brilliance. By shedding light on the truth that each of us have, this energy of love within, I believe that the whole world may transform into a place where each of us is freed and be able to express the genuine self. With the sincere wish that the experience we share together here at Grace of Life will truly be one of the graces of your life…..

About me

Megumi Miyakozawa, born in Tokyo in 1985, blessed with bountiful nature experiences while growing up. In such an environment, she became aware of her special sensations in her five senses and her intuition. When she turned 9, she observed her sensory perceptions becoming weaker and weaker. From that, she intuitively knew that the grownups had forgotten the feelings and sensations they had when they were children. She made herself a promise to never forget these special sensations she still had at that time. As a child, she was a curious girl and was eager to explore new fields, she also often came up with breakthrough ideas while enjoying making people laugh. On the other hand, she felt a strange sense of wrongness in the fixed education system and some unreasonable social rules, which led to a suffocating time of getting caught between her internal sensitivity and the external courageous image that others possessed of her.

At the age of 16, she lost physical and mental balance from a drastic environmental change and so she started yoga following her mother’s advice. Through yoga, she was taken aback by the direct experience of strong connection between mentality and physical body. After that experience, she advanced her learning to healing methods such as yoga, exercise, aromatherapy, sound healing, crystal healing, Reiki healing, humourism and Ayurveda, while going through the process of aligning her mental and physical body. At the same time, she explored both the spiritual and material worlds through variety of work experiences starting in her school days, including food and beverage, finance, trading and call centre customer service. In her mid-20s, she managed to completely self-heal and recover from childhood asthma, which had been troubling her since her early childhood.

In 2014, Megumi opened her first studio ‘Meg yoga svasti’ in Tokyo. The signature session was the combined therapy of yoga, sound healing, crystal healing and aromatherapy. Along with it were workshops such as mandala art and aromatherapy as well as handmade jewellery sales. In 2016, she started working as an outside lecturer of Vantan Design Institute, one of the largest and leading vocational schools in Japan. In 2017, after years of thorough deliberation, she stepped into a divorce with her partner who she spent her 20s with. As to choose the life of her own out of numerous choices, and to live in the present moment, she left Japan for adventure with no plan. She spoke no English at the time but the journey lasted for 10months. Discarding all the values she used to hold onto, experiencing everything that drew her attention, knocking down all the beliefs that used to bind her and always bluntly observed and came back face to face with her Self within. After all the experiences, she finally flew back to Japan. With the expanded view of the world, she decided to sell her house, which was also her wellness studio. In 2019, she moved to Australia. Then in 2020, finding the answer to her life, Grace of Life Pty Ltd. was established, leading her to further life learnings….


Life Philosophy

After pursuing the answer to her life externally for a long time, she was led to this conclusion: ‘The answer to my life is to live on by boldly expressing the most pure self who always has been within and not to search for something outside of myself.’

The two habits that induced this conclusion were; 1. Introspection- the technique to come face to face with your emotions, and 2. ‘Thoughts, Words, Action’ from Buddhist wisdom- to match your thoughts, expression and deeds. When you come across the truth that the world we live in now is not something that somebody else has made, but in fact, it is constantly being created by our very own choices, consciously or not...How would you feel and what would you choose?

When Megumi acquired this point of view during her yoga teacher training at the age of 26, she instinctively felt that the answer to life she was pursuing might be in this concept. If that was the case, it was worth grounding down to pick up any tiny voices from her heart, directly facing them, accepting and to live along. That was the beginning of her introspection. She started introspecting thoroughly of her daily decisions, whether consciously or not. At the same time, she began introducing new habits to her usual life and observed her feelings towards these fresh lifestyles. These were yoga, various exercises, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, fasting and also reflecting on sleeping style, working style, living place, money usage, family relationship, religious view, political view, partnership, sexuality, friendship, verbal and literal expression, materials used daily, visual, olfactory, auditory and palatal information she senses…. She observed her own feelings and emotions arose from meticulous introspection of various views and habits in her life.

The doubtless choices she was habitually making in her life, were they decided by herself? or by somebody else’s values? She repeatedly faced her unconsciously built ideas and beliefs, then asked her inner self if that was her own value or rather affected by that of somebody else’s. Throughout, she was constantly listening intently to her pure voice within, then expressed that with her words and deeds. If she could not do so, she also acknowledged that fact and further learned and understood more about her genuine self. This was the journey of her introspection. It may sound simple, but this society we live in has so many rules and concepts that one still needs courage to disclose the complete natural self. However, at the same time, that sense of uneasiness is also made up by yourself. This is because feelings, such as fear and anxiety, tend to be detested and labelled as ‘evil’ in dual view. In truth, feelings themselves are in a neutral position and simply serve us as signs from the soul. There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ feelings from the start. You are unconsciously labeling the feeling as ‘good’ or bad’. This is the beauty about the feelings that the introspection taught her. Once she reached this conclusion and mastered how to be aloof from her feelings, and by aligning her thoughts, words and deeds, as well as perceiving every experience as a gift, she reached the answer that everything that came into her life were absolutely essential and anything that will come in are also the same. From that point of view, she understood that any choices that she would make are correct for her life. Within the darkness, there is light and within the light, there is darkness. Both elements are indispensable in forming one. Neither can be lacked. And as all of us are born from this one big source, yet holding our own uniqueness creating the grace of diversity. Each melody takes a vital part in creating the flawless harmony called this world, just like a prime orchestra performing a magnificent masterpiece.

My wish

By playing the role as a reminder to your soul, I hope that each client will be awakened to his/ her true Self and come to taste the abundance of this world. I believe that this would be a step forward to protect this beautiful planet we live on. When we feel pleasantness with our physical body, peace surrenders to our mind. Your body and mind are one. May the experience in Grace of Life assists you in your journey of soul searching. In that sense, healing your physical body is a significant contribution to our society and even a global contribution for this planet. I will continue to heal myself so that I can be here for you whenever you need a soul reminder. However, nobody knows how long I will be doing this project..!

Next Goal

I would like to hold a stall from market to market while I travel. When finding a suitable place, I will build an off the grid house, living harmoniously with nature. I will be engaging in art work, holding healing sessions during the day, playing musical instruments, dancing and singing at night and performing sound healing on special nights: The mobile retreat centre carrying healing and joy. (This is as of May 2021. I will update this whenever needed!)


The blessing of being able to express myself like this would never have realised if it were not for you. I will continue my learning journey as one individual on this planet, using this physical body given from my parents and this soul gifted from the universe, leading truly the Life of Megumi. I look forward to our destinies coming across at the very best moment. Thank you very much for reading through to the end.

With love
Megumi Miyakozawa


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