Born in Tokyo

I felt a mysterious sense of intuition and strength of my five senses from an early age. I felt suffocating and unexplained guilt in living by applying myself to the values and rules decided by others. I did not know why that feeling comes from and I was interested and wander. I prefer to discover about mechanism and search for bold and interesting and things. so Image of My outside and My inner side was often different. I had spend a lot of time wandaring about the delicacy of mind.

When I was 16 years old, my physical and mental balance was lost due to change environment from moved. so I started yoga and many type of exercise and then I was very surprised that mind and body are completely connected.That experience is the beginning of my journey of mental and physical integration. I started learning Aromatherapy, Crystal Bowl Healing, Reiki Healing, Four Body Fluids, Ayurveda etc.While working in food‐service industry, trading company and finance trading company and I was heal myself while gaining social experience and continue exploring the spiritual and material world. When I was in my mid 20's, bronchial asthma, which troubled me since my childhood, had fully healed.

In 2014 I opend Meg yoga svasti in Tokyo. I used to do provide Yoga,Sound Healing,Crystal Healing and Aroma therapy which I combined. Also I used to do mandala art and aromatherapy workshop and made hand made earrings. In 2016 I used to teach Yoga and aromatherapy at Bantan Design school.

In 2017 Decided to divorce a partner who I spend time my 20's. Choose my life from many options and go on an adventure trip with no plan to live in the present. Although I was not familiar with English at all, with the skills I cultivated in my life. Traveling for about 10 months. Throw away all the values you've been interested in, experience everything you're interested in, look at yourself while breaking the concept, and literally return to Japan after various experiences. What's out of this world of values? I decided to sell my home and salon and moved to Australia. In 2020 Find the answer to life and establish Grace of Life Pty Ltd.To the path of further learning.

Grace of Life means Megumi's life. Share the experience that led me to awakening.

Bodywork that supports me in my daily life. Music, Aromatherapy, Crystal, Kotodama, Love. Use these to shed light on your soul through the five senses and a level of experience beyond that. What I want to offer is an experience. It's a gift, because your heart knows everything, just as the inconvenience I've felt has given me wings for freedom.


Through the new experiences that are born between you and us, and through those experiences, I will continue to learn. With love and gratitude for sharing the miracle of this moment with you.


My favorite words

Ahimsa Nonviolence Satya Honest

Part of the yoga teaching to live a non-violent and honest way of life for yourself and everything else. It took me a long time to understand this word in myself. Non-violence in the first place. What is honesty?

I am one of the keys to Ahimsa, and through Satya. I honestly feel the comfort I feel and what I am looking for, and that I am beyond the limits created by others. I think it's a step towards understanding. Satya taught me what Ahimsa is to me. At the same time, I learned from Satya the freedom to live with the beauty of each individual and by knowing myself, Ahimsa to others. I think it will deepen at the same time.


Behavioral remark consciousness

I try to live a life that matches these three things. I think that finding a pure self there and understanding the individual I am will lead to the understanding and acceptance of the whole person. I can't say it even though I feel it deep in my heart. When you find something you can't do when you want to do something, when your heart gives you some kind of sign, it's a habit that you value as a key to unraveling yourself, such as where your consciousness came from.


What is my life philosophy?

First of all, I would like to introduce Swami Satchidananda's words from Integral Yoga.

Everything in the outside world is based on your thoughts and psychological attitudes.
The world is all your own projection.
Your rating changes in a blink of an eye.
People who were lovers yesterday may not want to see today.
If you can't forget this, you won't put too much weight on external affairs.
That's why Yoga doesn't care much about the transformation of the outside world.
「A person has a heart, bondage or liberation in his or her heart」
If you feel bound, you are bound.
If you feel released, you are released.
Things in the outside world don't bind or release you.
It depends on one of your attitudes towards them.

What do you feel and what do you want to choose after understanding the basic premise that the world you are experiencing now is not created by someone but created by your own choice?

When I touched on this understanding, I felt that there was an answer here, so I started to introspection to live close to my heart.

Yoga Various Exercises Vegan Vegetarian Pescutarian Fasting Sleep Work Where to Live Money Family Relationships Partnerships Sexuality Friends Words What you see What you hear What you eat What you use in your daily life Things are decided by my heart or decided by someone's values I observed my feelings and emotions from various angles and searched for a pure self.

When I can't speak by acting close to the pure voice of my heart while facing the ideas I have created without being aware of it in my life since I was born, I accept it and repeat the work of gaining awareness of my true self.

It's easy to put it in words, but there are still social rules and concepts in the world, and it's true that I used a lot of courage to express myself, and at the same time I made it difficult myself.

Because it was me who decided that emotions that tend to be disliked in the dual world such as fear and anxiety were evil, and evil was not evil, but emotions were a sign from a soul in a moderate position.

And by jumping over it and experiencing it, I knew that there was nothing unnecessary for me and that the whole story of my life would be perfect.Judgment disappeared when I realized that all choices were correct.There is a yang in the shade and there is a shade in the yang.The two yin and yang are combined into one, and we, born from one big source, have their own worlds and create harmony.

What is Energy?

Be yourself

I think it is the power that is naturally exerted when we are ourselves. Knowing ourselves means realizing that we already have a great deal of energy inside ourselves.Because your heart already knows everything, that energy can be called love. The energy of love that comes from trusting, not worrying, stands on your own feet. Believing is believing in the other person and being confident in the energy circulation that arises from it, and I value the attitude of being a life-sized self.It is a respect for oneself and others and I think it is the best way to convey what energy is to a world where individuals shine more and resonate and the energy of love expands.