Born in Tokyo.

From an early age, I have had a strange feeling about the strength of my intuition and the five senses. I often felt this feeling of suffocation and this inexplicable sense of guilt deep in my heart about having to live my life applying the values and rules that others have decided. And I was having a rough time not knowing why I felt that way, or where those feelings came from. Meanwhile, I was full of curiosity and liked to discover the mechanisms of things and loved looking for daring and fun things. Because of this contrasting image seen from the outside despite the delicate heart, I spent a lot of time struggling.


At the age of 16, due to the changes in my surroundings, I suffered imbalance of mind and body. I started doing exercise including yoga, and was shocked to experience that mind and body were connected. This was a big nudge for me to go on the journey of integrating my mind and body, and I started healing myself through yoga, various exercises, aromatherapy, crystal bowls, crystal healing, Reiki healing, humourism, and Ayurveda, while gaining real-world experiences through working such as food business, finance, trading company, outsourcing call center, etc., continuing to explore the spiritual world and the material world.


I Opened Meg Yoga Svasti in Tokyo in 2014, doing mandala art and aromatherapy workshops, and selling items like earrings, while centering on providing sessions which combined sound healing, crystal healing, aromatherapy, and yoga. In 2016, I worked as an external lecturer for yoga and aromatherapy courses at Vantan Design Institute.


In 2017, I decided to divorce my partner who I had been with in my 20s. To choose my own life from a lot of options and to live today to the fullest, I embarked on an unplanned journey of adventure. Although I was absolutely not familiar with English, I managed to travel for about 10 months with the skills I cultivated in my life. Letting go of all my past values, experiencing everything I was interested in, and facing myself while breaking the concepts, I returned home with various experiences – literally. Upon contemplating what I wanted to do out of this world with now broader values, I decided to sell my home which was also my salon and moved to Australia. In 2020, I found the answer for my life and established Grace of Life Pty Ltd. And I am moving on to the path of further learning.


My name Megumi means “Grace” in English. So, Grace of Life is my life, and I would love to share all the experiences that had led me to my awakening. I use the concepts and ideas which support me daily, like body work, music, aromatherapy, crystals, kotodama (word spirit), and love. Using these, I will light your soul through the experience of the senses that even surpass the five you already have. What I would like to offer you is the gift of Experience- because your heart already knows everything. Just like mine with trapped feeling that I had before but gave me the wings for freedom...


New experiences will arise between us, and I will continue to learn from them as well. With love and gratitude for being able to share the miracle of this moment with you.

My favorite words

Ahimsa (non-violence) Satya (honest)

These are a part of yoga philosophy which means we should not be violent to ourselves and to others, and to live honestly. It took quite a long time for these words to sink into myself. Anyway, what exactly are nonviolence and honesty?


I believe that Satya (Honesty) is one of the keys to understand Ahimsa (Non-violence). Satya enabled me to sense honestly what I feel as 'comfortable' and what exactly I am looking for. This let me go beyond the blockage, which I thought that others have created towards me, and just be, expressing myself as I am. I believe this is the key step towards the understanding of Ahimsa. What Ahimsa meant for me was brought through the understanding of Satya.


At the same time, we can learn about the freedom and responsibility to live and harmonize with each individual's unique inner beauty from Satya.


The deepened understanding of the Self naturally let us deepen Ahimsa to others.

Action, Speach, Awareness.

I am trying to live in the way these three ideas match.


I cherish them because finding our pure selves and coming in terms with the individual “me” will lead to the understanding of the whole (others) and accepting them.


When the mind gives you some kind of sign, like when you find something that you cannot say even though it is what you are feeling deep inside, or something you want to do but cannot, I value this habit as a key to understand where such consciousness came from.

What is my life philosophy?

Let me first introduce you to the teachings of Swami Satchidananda from Integral Yoga.

The entire physical world is based on your thoughts and mental attitude.
The world is entirely your own projection.
Your evaluation changes in an instant.
You might “not even want to look” at the person who was your “lover” the day before.
If you can keep this in mind, you will stop placing importance in matters outside of you.
And this is why yoga has no interest in the changes that occur in the physical world.
“Humans are all about feelings. It’s completely in your hands to be bound or to be free.”
If you think that you are bound, you are bound.
If you think that you are free, then you are free.
Nothing in this physical world binds you or frees you.
It all simply depends on the attitude you have.

This world that you are experiencing now is not created by someone, but it is created by the choices you have made. Upon understanding this major premise, what would you like to feel, and what would you want to choose?


​When I came to understand this, I felt that the answer lay right there. “If so, why not seriously try to live close to my heart?” I thought, and started introspection.


​Yoga, various exercises, veganism, vegetarianism, pescetarianism, fasting, sleeping, working, places to live, money, family relationships, partnerships, sexuality, friends, words, things I see, things I smell, things I hear, things I say, things I use in everyday life – Those choices I have taken for granted, did my own heart make the decisions? Or were they decided by someone else’s values? To find my pure self, I examined from various angles how my mind and body felt things.


​While facing the concept that I had unknowingly created in my life from birth to present, I have repeated the task of acting out what the pure voice from my heart told me to do, voiced them, and also accepted what I could not do, in order to become aware of my true self. ​While it is easy to say, it is also true that I had to exert a lot of courage to express myself, since there still are social rules and concepts in this world. And at the same time, I was the one who was making it difficult – it was my very self who decided that emotions unwelcomed in the world of duality, like fear and worries, were “evil”, when "evil" actually is not evil, and such feelings are "a sign from the soul" from its moderate standpoint. And by jumping over it, I learned that the story of all life is perfect, that there was nothing unnecessary in me, and that there will never be. When I came to understand that all choices are correct, the judgment vanished. There is light (Yang) in the dark (Yin) and dark in the light. The two combined makes one Yin and Yang. And us, who were born from one big source, nonetheless having each of our own unique world, are creating this delicate harmony.

What is Energy?

Be yourself

I am convinced that energy is the power which naturally exhibits when we purely be ourselves. Knowing yourself means being "aware" that there is already a great energy inside you, because your mind already knows it all. Perhaps we can call that energy love. The energy of love that is born not from worrying, but from trusting, has taught me to stand on my own feet, to become independent. To believe in yourself is to believe in others. I have faith in the sprout of energy cycle from this kind of interaction and value this attitude of being “just the way I am”. This is how I show respect to myself and others, and I think it is the most optimal way to convey "what energy is".


To a world where the individual shines more, resonates with each other, and the energy of love expands....