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Deep chakra balancing Reflexology 90min

Reading the state of the chakras with the help of crystals.

Enjoy reflexology with a balm mixed with all the essential oils you need today. It is more powerful than you can imagine to absorb the essential oil components, which are condensed with the energy of plants, as well as the scent. It is said that the aroma component goes around the whole body in about 20 minutes.

This treatment activates energy circulation by massaging the legs and head, which are the entrance and exit of energy. Add abdominal massage for 90min session.Because our abdomen is said to be the area that controls emotions, this massage releases emotions that we no longer need, gives up anxieties about the past and future, and brings comfort to the moment. In addition, releasing the abdominal muscles can be expected to relieve back pain. This is a session in which plants, minerals, and therapists work together to balance the energy of the mind and body.

In the session:

Foot bath, sound healing, crystal reading, reflexology (about 40 minutes)

Includes abdominal, head, shoulder, neck or back etc which is full body massage.

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