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Energy Healing Massage balls (Two balls + Bag)




How does it work for your body?

By stimulating the soles of the feet, our internal organs are activated, and our muscles are released while balancing the body’s energy with the sacred geometry ‘Flower of Life’.

In the lives of modern people, whose heads tend to lean forward, troubles often occur on the back of the body. Our myofascial line SBL protects the back’s muscles, and by focusing on this line, the myofascial will be released from the soles of the foot, up to the crown of the head. It is also recommended to use it by directly applying it to the gluteus maximus, neck, and hips.

Focusing on body sensations at the beginning of the day can also have a meditative effect. Experience the effects of just a few minutes of this daily habit on your mind and body.

This item is made from cork, which is a sustainable material. We believe that making the earth healthy is the same as making us healthy because everything is connected.


What is the flower of Life?

Sacred geometry is a naturally occurring regular pattern that is said to be linked to the energy that resides in the human body and the laws of the universe, for example, flower shapes, snowflakes, and seashells.

One of these sacred geometries, Flower of Life, has been found all over the world, including ancient ruins and temples, and even Leonardo da Vinci created some sketches of similar patterns.

It is said that this pattern means the cycle of life; trees are formed from seeds, flowers bloom and fruit, and then, they return to seeds. The Flower of Life is filled with eternal joy, prayer, and gratitude for the mystery of life. From that, it is thought that the memory of the soul, instinct, and the wisdom of nature can be accessed.

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