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Feather of Journey

To accompany your own life journey to meet your original Self.


The symbol of diversity and freedom. This crystal will bring the 'Awareness Revolution' by letting you free from the self-built presumption and concepts to awaken your True Self. It will uncover your inner gift and let you remember the forgotten courage, the power to take action and infinite freedom within.

Just like the miracle that we have met, this series is for you to couple agate and charms who met purely by chance or purposefully, chosen by you.
Agate is a collection of mixtures of delicate quartz. From this, it is characterized with a diverse pattern, symbolizing harmony and diversity. It will let you remember that each has its own beauty and has its unique shimmer.The glimmering tender crystals at the centre will give treatment to your aura, which helps you maintain your wellbeing both physically and mentally.

※This part may give tiny scratches on the hoop. It is best if you enjoy spending time together with these crystals and observe the change but a new hoop is also available for purchase.

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