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Acceptance 〜 You already have every thing in your heart〜


 You already have everything in your Heart

I have combined three crystals enriched with feminine energy. The word 'Acceptance' may have an extrovert nuance, like accepting others, but I believe this is equally as important as accepting your Self. May this be the assistance of your self-development in accepting others and your Self.


This is the natural non nucleus pearl oyster (Akoya Pearl Oyster, Silver Lipped Pearl Oyster, Black Lipped Pearl Oyster etc.) which develops pearl by wrapping nacre around tiny substances that squeezed into the shell, such as sand, gravel, mini insects and other micro substances.

‘KESHI Pearl’ derives its name from the Japanese Keshi seed, poppy seed, from its tiny size. Originally, it was describing exclusively about the petite pearls from Akoya pearl oyster. Now, ‘KESHI Pearl’ also includes big pearl oysters such as Silver Lipped Pearl Oyster and Black Lipped Pearl Oyster. Today, KESHI is a universal word to stand for this type of pearl oyster overall. This KESHI Pearl is rich in nacre, one of the prominent characters of natural pearl oysters, which got slowly nurtured in lavish nature. Enjoy the one and only shine it emanates and the unique shape gifted from nature. It can be used for your aura protection, not such like a shield, but with more accepting and enwrapping energy of any sort that surrounds you with feminine energy.


Birthstone of May

Gem languages for this crystal include ‘Relationship Fulfilment’, ‘Luck’ and ‘Solidity’. It is cherished as a symbol of love and known as the gem with strong power of love. It has a solid connection with Heart Chakra and works well in healing your Inner Child within. By accepting your past Self, the stone will support you in relishing your outside world.

Rose Quartz

The symbol of ‘Beauty, Love and Kindness’. The wave energy of this crystal lets you feel secure, feeling like being warmly watched over by affectionate mother. The crystal will fill you with the sense of self-affirmation, compassion and love. It will release the tension, relax your shoulders and let you remember the restful comfortable feeling by coming back to just as you naturally are.


Hamsa is an ancient protection, dating back more than 1,500 years old, originally from the Middle East, covering Israel to as far as Arab. It is one of the Ancient Hebrew languages, used in Kabbalah, in which all letters can be replaced with numbers that decode the hidden message. This Hamsa can be reinstated as number 5 and symbolises ‘Five fingers = Hand’ and ‘God’. From this background, it has a meaning of ‘Presented bless, healing and protection from God’s hand to the owner.’ Also the down pointing hand signifies the energy descending down from heaven.Having our left half of the body symbolising feminine/ receiving, I have put this charm on the left for you to receive divine energy.

※All items are maticulously made by hands. Thank you for your understanding and please enjoy each crystal's unique shape, size and colour.

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