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Awakening Bell 〜Sound Healing〜

Awakening Bell 

〜Sound Healing〜

Combining the symbol of diversity and liberty, Labradorite, and the symbol of diversity and harmony, agate, this earring supports you in finding the freedom as an independent individual while flowing smooth communication with others in harmony. Gentle charming sound created by labradorite and agate as you walk is the genuine sound healing. Every step you take creates the unique art of sound and rhythm filled with lush of awakening energy.


This crystal was formed by ensemble of a variety of crystals, making this gem the symbol of harmony and diversity. It will let you remember that each individual has its own glimmer in oneself. Diverse crystals embedded in this agate shine with its own taste of brilliance drawing unique luxuriant ambience. Its natural jagged edge may make marks on hoop but it is another unique taste of art formed naturally.


The symbol of diversity and freedom. This crystal will bring the 'Awareness Revolution' by letting you free from the self-built presumption and concepts to awaken your True Self. It will uncover your inner gift and let you remember the forgotten courage, the power to take action and infinite freedom within.

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