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Lymphatic Drainage Meditation 80min

This is a session that centers you on the beauty and strength within.

Our possibilities are endless. Shine light on the treasure that is your potential.

Designed to purify your mind and body, I hope that this session will give you a hint of how to make your soul shine even more.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic is most closely associated with our immune system. It is also called the sewer pipe of the body because it has the function of collecting waste products and excess water, and it stops bacteria and foreign substances that have entered the body.

When blood is pumped from the heart, it travels around the body and returns in 40 seconds, but it takes about 8-12 hours for the lymph to reach the toes. This session promotes circulation to be up to 20 times stronger than usual, in doing so this purifies the waster products throughout your whole body. The procedure uses Australian clay to promote a more powerful detox.

Energy Healing

In oriental medicine, it is said that our body is the embodiment of qi (energy), and preparing the energy body is the same as preparing our mind and body. Purifying the energy body will give you an opportunity to let go of old emotions that you no longer need, thought patterns that sleep in your subconscious mind, and so on. In addition, the vibration of over 200,000 hertz produced by a mysterious instrument called the crystal bowl promotes lymph and blood circulation invites our consciousness to a meditative state, and leads to a world of subconscious mind without thought.

In the session: 

Foot Bath,Lymphatic Drainage,Crystal bowl Healing,Reiki, Crystal Reading and Aromatherapy.

※The treatment uses a very soft touch, but the effect on the mind and body is very strong.

You can enjoy it more effectively and safely by restricting your diet for 3 days before the procedure. Please make a reservation after confirming the following.

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