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Magic wooden KINOKO

Magic wooden KINOKO

Handmade with love in Bali
Note: These mushrooms are not able to eat because they are too hard as made of wood.

The reality is already psychedelic.  Because our inner is manifesting as an outer vision which is reality. Magic wooden KINOKO is good for a reminder of that.
Life is full of psychedelic magic.

Background story

KINOKO means mushroom in Japanese.

I am using this Magic wooden KINOKO for my market stall display and many people asked me to sell it. I was pretty sure they are made in Ubud(Bali) but I could not find any place to order them for long. A few months later, when I was meditating, I suddenly remember my Balinese friend. Actually, I was thinking to move to Bali many years ago and I was trying to discover how to set up my business when I was traveling in there. It's funny because I could not come up with any idea to contact him till a few weeks ago. His answer made me surprised because he said Oh My friend making them! …life is so magical.

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