1-3 days prior/ 1-2 days prior
On the day
- Drink plenty of water and natural fruit juice
- Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, salads, soup
- Light meals
- Avoid additives, artificial colourings and preservatives (no pre-packed food)
- Avoid processed, fatty, oily or overcooked foods - See suggested diet, next page.
-     As above. Drink plenty of water (2 litres of water must be taken daily)
-     Wear little or no skin products
- Check contraindications and fluid intake

Recommended diet for day prior to treatment, on the day, and even the day after.
– Lemon juice, fresh squeezed, in water. Drink upon waking.
- Cereal, with skim or almond milk.
-     Fresh fruit
-     Fresh fruit.
-     Watermelon juice
- Tossed salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bean shoots, lemon juice, radishes,
garlic, ginger. No cheese or dressing.
Vegetable soup or salad                     
・Eat lightly
・Herbal teas may be taken between meals
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