Some common reactions you may experience:
・Sluggishness, nausea, muscle aches, pain, tiredness, headaches.
・Urinary reactions - more frequent, more volume, more concentrated, strong in odour.
Somewoman can even have a mini-urine infection that lasts for two days then stops by itself.
・Sleep - some may feel a pleasant tiredness and want to sleep more, others may be completely the opposite, so full of energy you don’t want to sleep.
・Some bones can spontaneously ‘crack’ (tension release).
・Emotions - even during treatment too, they may yawn, cry or sigh a lot, releasing the emotions.
・Acute signs or fever can specifically be signs of detoxification reactions; should not stay for more than two days, can be a chronic condition becoming acute.
Remember no treatment if acute signs are present you may need to be referred to physician.
・You may experience better memory, taste, smell, visual perception.
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