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The universe is on your side

The universe is on your side
Yes always!
I recommend wearing your Moon sign on your right side and wearing your Sun sign on your left side. Because the left side is your femininity and the right is your masculine side which means you would be able to integrate your energy body. Also, would be lovely to wear your family, partner, and your best friend’s star sign also welcome to use your necklace charms.

This picture is amethyst but of course, you are able to choose any kind of crystal charm even two or three. Enjoy being creative! about other Crystal charms, please contact me.

I occasionally use astrology as an energy weather forecast.Do you know Hippocrates who is the father of medicine?He used birth charts for his patients to roughly diagnose body types.

By the way, my moon sign is Scorpio and my Sun sign is Libra what is yours?

Let’s check your sign from here


Spiritually/Connect with the universe
Crown Chakra


Those charms are 14k gold plated water-resistant coating, nickel, and lead-free.

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